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Velata Fondue Products

Velata Fondue Warmers

Velata Fondue Warmer Maraschino Curve

Velata Fondue sets are a great way to keep fondue warm for parties and get togethers. Not only are the warmers elegant and trendy in style, but they are small enough in size to use several at one time. At, we are excited to offer Velata fondue pots to our valued customers. These bowls inside the pots are made of high quality silicone so that they do not crack as they are heated. The bottoms of the pots are also made of silicone to prevent slipping on tabletops. Each pot contains lights that heat the chocolate fondue mixture evenly, and can be dimmed for proper temperature control if desired.


What Velata Offers

Velata Fondue Milk ChocolateVelata offers Belgian chocolates to go into their warmers for a decadent and rich chocolate fondue. Traditional fondue dipping ideas work great for these warmers as well. Or think of some new fun ideas of your own. The even heating technology used ensures that the fondue will not break after being heated for a period of time. Silicone is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe to make cleaning up after a party a cinch. So be sure to order today and we will be sending fondue to you in a flash.


Velata Fondue Pots

Velata Fondue Warmer NoirThese innovative fondue pot sets from Velata make any engagement more fun and interactive. The color choices available for the pots allow different types of fondue to be displayed without being confused. Intimate get together or a quiet dinner for two is easy with these easy to use pots. Let the Velata fondue pots be the center of the party and a topic for discussion. One of the great things about these particular fondue pots is that they do have lids. If you have extra leftover, simply pop the lid on and store it in the refrigerator until your next planned use. Make your next get together the talk of the town with Velata fondue pots and your secret recipes.


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  1. Josh says:

    I got one of these for my wife the other day and she LOVES it!!!

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